Once You Know This, You Will Never Throw Away Your Bread Clips Again!

1. Flip flop savior! 

Almost everyone has got a pair of them.... flip flops. You've probably been wearing them for a couple of summer seasons already. They are your favourite pair, and when the sun comes out, you can wear them all day long while you stroll through the city.

But then this happens... someone steps on the back of your flip flops and BAM, they're broken. Yeah, that sucks!

Besides the fact that you will need to spend money on new flip flops again, you actually don't want to throw away the old pair, either. Fortunately, the bread clip comes to the rescue once again!

Attach a bread clip to the bottom of your flip flops, and they will last for at least another season. This is by far our favourite trick!

So, make the world a little cleaner and make your life easier.... reuse your bread clips!

Source: Daily-goals.com


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